turkey leg placecard

Kids love surprises. Put anything into a brown paper bag, tell them it's a goody bag, and watch their eyes get big with anticipation. Use it as a place card... or should I call it a place bag?... and you get double the pleasure.

Last year, we made an amazing popcorn turkey centerpiece fashioned out of a paper bag and The Daughter was inspired to make individual drumsticks for the kids for extra fun. Unfortunately, the post never made it into final copy and is wasting away in draftland. This year, I was determined at the very least to get these legs finished.

Materials needed:

white copy paper
brown paper bags
assorted snacks
markers, scissors, stapler, glue gun

 First, the frill:
1. Fold a piece of paper width-wise and cut.
2. Fold again in half, length-wise.
3. Cut slits about ⅓ the width of the paper.
Trim the paper to about 6-inches long and set aside.

For personalization:
I downloaded stencils from here
 and took a trip back to kindergarten with my washable magic markers.

Form the turkey leg:
Open the bag, fold corners in (in the interior) for a rounded look and staple them down.

Stuff the turkey leg:
You could include an assortment of goodies and use up all those leftover Halloween treats,
or settle on a snack bag of chips, which fit perfectly into the bag.

Staple the bag shut.


  1. That is such a great idea!!! Come visit us today. We have pumpkin macaroni and cheese. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. So very creative! And it looks super cute as well! Thank you for linking up @ Show & Share, I am happy to have you!


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