happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
 Hope you have a gobbledy good day.


mocha cupcake

And now for a break from the deluge of fall spices...

It is Martha Stewart Cupcake Club time, and this month's pick is MOCHA CUPCAKES.

I am a sucker for beautiful photos and Martha has always had amazing photos in her magazines and books. I remember how her photos stood apart from other shelter/lifestyle magazines when she first came out with Martha Stewart Living in 1990. They were styled, lit and nuanced differently and gorgeously.

So, it is the photo of the mocha cupcake which enticed me to make it. I was captivated by the frosting. Yes. Frosting.


pumpkin muffin with eggnog cream cheese

BRACE YOURSELF! Yes, it is another pumpkin recipe. I'd been wanting to try a muffin recipe with cream cheese ever since I saw one at Starbucks this fall, and kitchn.com conveniently had a lovely one to try.


pumpkin rolls with cream cheese glaze

I had bookmarked this recipe and knew it was time to try it when The Sister forwarded it to me. Pumpkin lovers, rejoice! This is a fantastic recipe which I adapted slightly by changing out the glaze. It has everything you want from a cinnamon roll— fluffy and yeasty— plus the addition of pumpkin.

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