gooey butter cookies

The Geneva Gourmand, (friend/founder of Moveable Feast) alerted me to this amazing cookie recipe. It's a riff on Gooey Butter Cake (hello St. Louis Friends!) which I'd read about it in my wanderings on the internet. Gooey, chewy, buttery, tangy and tasty. The goo and chew comes from not browning the cookie. The tang is from the cream cheese.


raspberry marble cheesecake {msc}

There are no excuses. Carnation sales (5th grade fundraiser) and Gershwin Preludes (two-piano performance) notwithstanding, one would have thought that one who professes to love baking would have found some time to do a little baking for February 14.

Okay, so I profess to love sleep (and truth be told, watching Jeremy Lin highlights on ESPN) more than baking. The kids sadly didn't get anything in the baked good department yesterday.


crack toffee

Crack Toffee. I couldn't help calling them that. Most recipes call it Cracker Toffee. Or Saltine Cracker Toffee. But for me, it's too darn addictive! I've been wanting to make these ever since The BFF's Husband whipped up a batch for his company's Christmas party. Impressed by the combination of crunch, chocolate, and buttery toffee, I'm just a few years late trying out this treat.


chocolate caramel sandwich cookies

Have you ever had a treat which upon eating, you
  • promptly ate the rest of the bag, OR
  • (showing restraint) ate and savored one, then swore you would hoard and hide the rest from anyone and everyone else
Such was the scenario last week, after The Marathoner-PTA Prez-Superwoman Neighbor shared these cookies with me. I ate them all, save for one little bite. Supposedly for The Daughter.

The crisp cookie, cloaked in chocolate, contrasts brilliantly with the creamy caramel. It is beyond delicious and definitely on my top five cookie list.

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