crème brûlée french toast

Hands down, this is my #1 favorite breakfast food. I could have it at least once a week, and I would, if only someone else would eat it with me. Though it saddens me that The Family generally prefers savory to sweet in the AM, my hips are thanking them! The french toast casserole generally shows up once a year at a brunch. The London Brother visit spurred me to make it last week.


banana buttermilk muffins

Oui! Yes! Another way to use up those spotted bananas on the counter.

This one is a healthy option. Well, healthier than some of the other choices out there. I love the light texture, the low fat content (only 2 tablespoons of oil!) and the combination of wheat and all-purpose flours. The walnuts contribute heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids, but if you prefer a little decadence, sub in some chocolate chips.


sour cream coffee cake

I love me a good sour cream coffee cake.

Culled from an old Bon Appetit issue, this recipe is a Jinx and Jefferson Morgan creation. I normally have a terrible memory, but who can forget a name like Jinx? I've tweaked it over the years, reducing the baking soda and adding a little butter and salt. (As an aside, I googled them and now they're owners of a resort in the British Virgin Isles. Sounds like a great, idyllic life!)

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