super bowl sweets

On February 2, most of America will be firmly ensconced in cushy couches, eating chips, wings, pizza and other gut enhancing foods. I am so there, gut notwithstanding. Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food-consumption day in the good 'ole USA, behind only, you guessed it, Thanksgiving. For shame, I've never dwelt too hard about the dessert portion of it, as the wings/pizza/chips combo loom larger than usual and take precedence. I usually make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.


waste not... coconut buttermilk pound cake

We are into the third week of the new year ... how are the resolutions going? In recent years, I have pretty much given up resolving to do anything. I'm one of those "I resolve to not resolve."

I will admit, however, to an ongoing desire not to waste. One item, my nemesis, which always gets only partially used, is that darn quart of buttermilk. I use one cup and then manage to forget about it in the deep recesses of the fridge. The inevitable dump down the drain occurs after it's waaay past due and is stinkysourclumpy

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