sparkling raspberry limeade

A party begs for a festive drink. I haven't ventured into libation land that often, so thankfully, The Son and I opened our food network magazine JUST in time as we planned a birthday meal for The SIL. We eyed and were inspired by the All-Star Cookout section with flank steak, corn and salad recipes. The Neely's raspberry drink seemed a fantastic, refreshing and pretty drink to serve.


vanishing act + crack pie

In the blink of an eye, a whole month vanishes, and I wonder what happened to anything and everything. Did I bake? Did I cook? Did I blog? What DID I do?

You must forgive my unintentional hiatus from blogging. I had good reason.

This Little Guy/Nephew visited us for a month. We ran circles around the kitchen, ventured into NYC, read books, resisted naps, and snacked a whole lot. I made a bunch of old favorites for him: rich yellow cupcakes, cornflake crunch cookies, NY Times chocolate chip cookies...

 all very well received. He also relished his role of Cookie Dough Taster.

I managed to try one new recipe. If you can only bake one recipe this month, I'd highly recommend this one— Crack Pie. My Son, 11, perked up his ears. "Crack?!?"

I, thinking how the heck do you know what crack is, instead said, "Yes, Son, it is THAT addictive."

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