chocolate-coffee ice cream pie

fool∙ish   /'fo͞oliSH/ :
     lacking good sense or judgement; unwise

That about sums up my decision to single-handedly work my way through this pie. I couldn't resist. It was 80 degrees out today, (as it was yesterday, and last week). I needed a pick me up.

I used just about every single excuse to justify my actions. Perhaps it can be argued that it would have been foolish of me NOT to eat it, it was so darn good.


lemon drop cake

Buh-bye, Summer!

Today's the last day (autumnal equinox occurs at 10:29 EDT tomorrow) and I'm trying not to shed a tear. Even though school's been in session for two weeks, even though I can't stand the humidity of August, even though I do love the fall season, saying good-bye always makes me a little sad.

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