lamb cupcakes

Easter is right around the corner. The Sweet SIL is hosting, and I volunteered for dessert duty.  I need something that can be made the day before, as I and The Sibs will be spending the weekend+ cleaning out my dad's house (which is a long saga, involving multiple dumpsters and countless trips to recycling... let's just say he's a hoarder.) 


cherry pecan bars

Today's dilemma was what to call these bars. Granola Bar? Too healthy. Oat Square? Sounds like a cereal. So I'm just entirely skipping mention of the nutritious grain and sticking with the fruit. Feel free to use whatever preserves you have on hand. Currently in my fridge, there are jars of raspberry, ligonberry, blackberry, strawberry and cherry—cherry was closest to my reach.


chocolate cake with mocha buttercream

"HE LIKES IT! Hey Mikey Hubby!" (For those of you of a certain vintage, you'll remember the wonderful LIFE cereal ad campaign.) I wanted to yell that when The I-Don't-Like-Sweets Hubs ate the cake. I can count on one hand when he's had seconds for dessert, and this was one of those rare times.


spring is here

Today, I've got a new guest blogger. She is my Chicago BFF, aka telephone pal, travel partner, person to cry to when husband is out of control (or it could be me, who knows), fellow foodie and baking buddy. She is one of those people who makes a hot, delicious homemade meal EVERY NIGHT, and if I lived near her, I'd be at her doorstep, every night.

I'm excited to try out this recipe- I hope you will too.


happy 100th birthday, oreos!

Funny what one learns in church. You either could be nodding your head in agreement or shuddering with some negative memories (for the latter, I genuinely hope not, but I know it does happen.)

The following tidbit, however, will be appreciated by all. The lead pastor mentioned on Sunday that today, Tuesday, March 6, is OREO's 100th birthday. And that they were first sold in my lovely home state, New Jersey! You knew we had to be good for something, right? ;)


skinny chocolate chip buttermilk scone

The one perishable ingredient I never seem to use up is that quart of buttermilk. I blame my weakness for making red velvet cupcakes, after which I can only take so many pancakes, and perhaps I could venture into fried chicken territory, but that half-used quart inevitably goes bad and gets thrown out.

As an aside, I'm always on the lookout for some good recipes using buttermilk. If you have any, please leave me a recommendation in the comments section— I'm all ears!

This recipe caught my eye not only for the buttermilk ingredient, but also for the skinny factor. I was curious about how it would taste. Skinny sounds so much more appealing than reduced-fat scone dontcha think?
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