turkey, roasted red pepper, pepper jack panini

Have you enjoyed a gut-busting weekend of non-stop eating? I'm trying not to regret that piece of pecan pie I just ate for dinner, but it was calling my name. As was the vanilla ice cream. In my house, the sweet leftovers are always the first to disappear.

Tomorrow, I might tackle the turkey, and while a turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce sandwich will be The Hubs' lunch of choice, I'll veer away from from the previous day's flavors and add a little heat and cheese.

The Daughter threw together the combo last month and I loved it. The pepper jack lends just enough chili heat, the roasted red peppers add a slight sweetness and char, and turkey, well, turkey is what's available, right?

Turkey, roasted red pepper, pepper jack panini

turkey, sliced thinly
roasted red pepper slices
pepper jack cheese
good-quality artisan bread (ShopRite sells La Brea breads, your local Whole Foods would have something good)
olive oil
panini press

Using a pastry brush, oil the outside of each slice of bread. Layer the meat, cheese and red pepper in between the bread. Place in panini press and press for about a minute or two, or until golden brown.


  1. OK, I'm totally ready for lunch right now! I think I need a Panini Press!

  2. Ok, you have been featured or at least the recipe has. Visit and see what I did.

  3. Wow that is the perfect way to use leftover. Looks delicious. Come visit us. We have pumpkin fried rice today. Be sure to visit us on Friday and register for a party dress we are giving away from the Shabby Apple.

  4. That looks heavenly. I thought I was sick of turkey but I could go for the panini.


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