easy salted caramel rice krispie treats

The Son rarely goes for seconds when presented with baked goods. He, like his dad, is a savory kind of a guy. Once in a blue moon, I find a treat which elicits more than a tepid response; he grazed on these throughout the afternoon. (I was so pleased he loved them that I neither stopped him nor did I contemplate the potential blood sugar spiking cavity inducing repercussions of said activity.)

My favorite aspect of this is that it stayed moist for three days. Have you ever bitten into a day old rice krispie treat and nearly broken a tooth? Or thrown it out because the dry factor was too much to bear? Yes, on the texture front, this recipe is definitely a winner. Add ease of execution and tasty flavor to the mix, and bingo, the snack rises to a top three treat.

easy salted caramel rice krispie treats

4 tablespoons butter
1 10 oz. bag of marshmallows
6 ounces caramel sauce
generous pinch of kosher salt 
7 cups rice krispie cereal

Grease a 9x13x2-inch pan.

In a large pot over low heat, melt the butter. Add the marshmallows and stir until completely melted.

Remove from heat. Add the caramel sauce and salt. Stir to incorporate. Add the cereal until fully incorporated.

Using a greased spatula or greased wax paper, evenly press the mixture into the prepared pan. Let cool before cutting into squares.

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