I'm Rebecca, and I love anything and everything made with butter. Well, to be honest, I love anything that's sweet, creamy, or chocolately, and if there's butter too, yay!

I believe I have my mother to blame for this condition. She, while pregnant with me, craved, baked, and ate an entire cheesecake. Really, I was doomed from the start.

I also love anything to do with Paris, so combining the two loves, I came up with the blog name, beurrista. The word beurre means butter in French.

I have two kids, a daughter (13) who willingly is The Sous-Chef and a son (10), who fancies himself to be The Blog Photographer.  The Daughter shows up from time to time at beurrista as a guest blogger. My husband wants to remain incognito and therefore makes very few appearances in any photos here. He is patiently waiting to have more than cookies for dinner.

When I'm not baking, I teach piano and have a studio with 35 wonderful students. I love music and love being able to share it. (The same could be said about baked goods.) I also do some free-lance accompanying; performing will always be in my blood.

beurrista  chronicles adventures in anything food related— recipes, restaurants, road trips. I hope you'll join me for the ride.

Peace, love, and lots of butter,


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