pumpkin possibilities...

For me, fall = pumpkin. I love the smells of cinnamon and spices wafting through the air as something pumpkiny or appley (TOTALLY made up words, I know!) is cooking up in the oven.

It's been awhile since I've posted anything, but I'm still here— hope you are still there too. I've been in the kitchen trying out a few new recipes and revisiting some old ones. These are a few of the tried and true goodies that I've gone back to: (starting from upper left hand corner and going clockwise) pumpkin streusel coffee cake, pumpkin whoopie pie, pumpkin bread with pecan streusel topping and pumpkin ginger custard.

Hope you're having a happy autumn!


  1. We have company coming this weekend and I bought 2 cans of pumpkin! Can't wait to try one of your recipes! :-) they look pumpkinlicious!

  2. Oh my! Yummy. I'm having a group of ladies over to my house for a fall crafts class. These will make the perfect snacks for the event.

    Now I need to look through the rest of your blog for more gems!


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