{sms} strawberry rhubarb cobbler pie

Well this is certainly a first, having a cobbler in a pie.  I'm such a stickler for semantics, so I'm thinking, "Doesn't a cobbler necessitate NO BOTTOM CRUST?"  Looking into the definition clarifies it a bit: "a deep-dish fruit pie with a rich biscuit crust, usually only on top" (Random House Dictionary); "a deep-dish fruit pie with a thick top crust" (American Heritage Dictionary); "A baked, deep-dish fruit dessert topped with a thick biscuit crust sprinkled with sugar" (The Food Lover's Companion)  The running themes are deep-dish and thick top.  I have to enlarge my personal vision of a cobbler and give it a bottom. I've also never baked with rhubarb before so I'm quite excited to see how it turns out.

I belatedly remembered that I don't have a 2-inch dough cutter (I made biscuits once, like maybe 15 years ago?  And probably used a makeshift upside down tumbler.)  I used a cookie cutter with pretty fluted edges, but which only allowed for a depth of 1/2-inch.  Oh well, no thick top.

The pie filling came together very easily, even more so with the help of a sous chef, aka The Daughter.  She cut the strawberries.

The Family was over (three brothers, SIL, and father) so I could get some honest feedback about the cobbler pie. Brother #3 managed, in-between bites, to mumble a few times, "This is REALLY good." Brother #1, having declared earlier in the day that he loved SR Pies, gave it two thumbs up.  The Husband decided this was on his shortlist of Top Dessert.

The SIL gave me constructive feedback.  The pie filling was a bit sweet (next time I'll cut out 1/4 cup sugar) and my biscuits were dry. The fact that they started on the dry side (did you see how crumbly my dough was??) and thinner (have you ever made a 1/2-inch biscuit?) was a handicap.

I also had serious issues with the filling bubbling over and in between the crust and the pie plate.  Anyone have a solution how to solve it so that the pie can be cut properly?  That was a definite mess.  Regardless, I need to get myself a proper dough cutter and learn to make proper biscuits now, because I will definitely be making this winner of a recipe again.

Many thanks to Tracey at tracey's culinary adventures for choosing this recipe, and check out the other Cobbler Makers at Sweet Melissa Sundays.


  1. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the cobbler/pie concept too! So glad this was a hit in you house. It looks great!

  2. I have no idea how to cut pies, so instead, I had people bring forks and they just dove right in. We always share food at meetings so sharing a pie was really not too different.

  3. I wondered about overflowing when I saw the instructions to line a cookie sheet in the oven. Not sure how to fix it though...

    Your pictures look great. Glad it was well received by the family and thanks for the tips - I'm hoping to make it soon; no time due to final exams now :-(

  4. looks great! i love having an audience for my baked goods to get some feedback. i'm bringing mine to family dinner tonight, too!

  5. Your pie looks so fantastic Rebecca!! Glad to hear it was so well received. My pie bubbled like crazy too, including between the crust and my pie plate so no tips there. This was a very messy one to serve! As for the biscuits, I made mine in the food processor and they came together nicely. I think as long as you don't process the dough too much it'll come together but not get tough.

    Thanks so much for baking with me this week :)

  6. I'm glad you enlarged your idea of a cobbler and gave this a try. The pie looks terrific and it sounds like quite a hit at your house.

    I wish I could help you with the bubbling, but mine was a huge mess!

  7. Thanks for all your comments! This is my favorite sms recipe so far (which would be out of, um, four...)

    @ Stephanie- I'd be surprised if it weren't a hit. Bro#3 ate a leftover piece tonight and texted me that it was still DEEELICIOUS. :)

    @ Tracey- THANK YOU for the food processor tip! I made a second pie this evening and that part went so much more smoothly.

  8. I love that you looked up the definition of cobbler! I learned something new. Your cobbler pie looks beautiful.

  9. Looks delicious. Enjoyed the definition of the cobbler.

  10. You know, I have baked cobblers for years and personally think a cobbler should be a little messy. It is a rustic dessert adding a homey feel. I think you did a splendid job on yours and baking a dessert how we choose while making it is what makes each of us happiest in the kitchen.

  11. My husband (who claims to HATE sweets - liar!) loved this one as well. He even had a second piece, with ice cream! (hates sweets my ass...). Yours looks delicious.


  12. Your pie looks absolutely delicious. I'm not sure how to neaten it up though - I can see how it would make serving it mighty difficult!


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