playing hooky

Who wouldn't, for a bite of this lusciousness?

Instead of our regular Sunday morning activity, which would be going to a church service at Renaissance, The Family took a quick trip into Manhattan to visit Doughnut Plant.  We first heard about it on Food Network and have wanted to try them for the past year.

They are on the Lower East Side on Grand, quite close to the eastern edge of Chinatown.
The counter lady is looking at me rather suspiciously, probably thinking that I'm a rabid tourist.

It's a tiny store with numerous offerings.

I settled on (going counter-clockwise) Valrhona Chocolate, Glazed, Jelly-filled Square, Tres Leches (cake), and Crème Brûlée.  That would be five doughnuts for three of us, as The Son has zero interest in anything sweet for breakfast.  (Is he really my child?)  The glazed doughnuts had an interesting, springy texture which gave it more of a chew.

My favorite?

Hands down, the winner of the day was the Crème Brûlée, by far the tiniest out of the bunch, but the most exquisite little bite of heaven.  The vanilla custard, with flecks of bean, was perfect, and the caramelized crust on the top gave a lovely textural counterpoint to the smooth, creamy filling.

love love LOVE their doughnuts, and if you ever find yourself on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, try them out and you might fall in love too.


  1. What fabulous photos! I'm jealous and hope to go with you this summer.

  2. This place has to be very close to my theatre/rehearsal space. Uh-oh....!

  3. OMG!!! that last photo is making me swoon!!! that custard looks luscious!!!!

  4. These pics are great. Now I am craving some...I admit the Creme Brulee is really good but a little too small for me but still worth it. Next time you go, try the Coconut Creme & the Blackout.


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