royal icing/royal mess

Today's project was making Royal Icing and frosting the cookies.

Mistake #1. Reading only The Joy of Baking and not checking in with the Doyenne of All Good Things, Martha Stewart, to get some helpful hints.

Mistake #2.  Coating cookie first. Outlining second.  IF I had read Martha's site, I would have known about first piping the outline, then "flooding" to coat the cookie.

Mistake #3.  Using chocolate/toothpicks/paintbrush to outline.  Don't even ask.

Mistake #4.  Forgetting to wish The Husband a Happy Birthday as I was too focused working on this blog.

The icing was simple enough to make.  I used meringue powder instead of egg whites since this was a baby shower and there were concerns about salmonella, which interestingly is usually found on the eggshell, not the interior.

The experience was a bit like planes, trains and automobiles as I bumbled my way to get to the final destination.  Attempts included piping yellow outline using a makeshift bag, three different sized spatulas to spread the frosting,

which in hindsight was the wrong consistency-too thick- resulting in a bumpy surface,

and did I mention chocolate outline?  It blends into the table so you can't see how uneven it is.  The Daughter used a paint brush to outline and I used a toothpick.  Royal Mess.

The finishing touch was the beak, otherwise it would look more like a chick.  All in all, I am happy to say that the cookie, when bagged and tied with a pretty ribbon, isn't too shabby.  It's all smoke and mirrors.  

Presentation is everything.

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