cornflakes for breakfast

Or should I say, Cornflakes, Chocolate Chips, and Marshmallow? With a Crack Pie chaser?

The Husband is always incredulous when I eat dessert at breakfast. Whether it be a pecan pie (always a favorite ANY time of day), butter pound cake, or a couple of cookies calling my name, I'm always game to have something sweet in the morning.  After all, how far removed are any of the above from coffee cake or doughnuts?

On a most wonderful excursion into Manhattan,  I stopped by Momofuku Milk Bar, which just opened a Midtown branch two weeks ago.  The Milk Bar is known particularly for two supposedly fabulous creations- Crack Pie and Compost Cookie.  I've had neither from the bakery, though I baked the latter a few weeks ago and have all the ingredients to make another batch when the craving hits, which was last Wednesday. The homemade Compost Cookies were/are stupendously good.  I had to taste test the real deals and got the Cornflake, Chocolate Chip and Marshmallow Cookie to round out the sampling.

The cookies were $1.85 a piece or 3/$5.

To be honest, I rarely buy bakery cookies, and the only time I've truly loved a cookie bought at a store was at Jacques Torres' shop; the cookie was kept warm and it was divine and über chocolatey.  These cookies, sadly, were only okay.  They did not live up to my high expectations as they were overly sweet and rather dry.  Both types must have been made several days ago (they're individually wrapped.)  I love the concept with all the unusual ingredients, and if they had been fresh, I would have enjoyed them more.  As it is, I am perfectly happy to make my own batch of Compost Cookies again (REALLY, you've got to try the recipe!)

The Crack Pie, however, was delicious. Basically, it's Christina Tosi's riff on a Chess Pie, which I've never had before, but have learned about while researching this infamous pie.  If you're interested in reading a bit more about this, Chowhound has quite a few links, as well as many opinions.

Everything about it was buttery good. The oatmeal cookie crust balances out a rich, gooey, butterscotchy filling. 

My one minor complaint is the diminutive size of the slice, which measured 3-inch wide x 1/2 inch high. For $5.25, it should be larger than an eighth of a pie.  

Next time I visit Momofuku Milk Bar, and there WILL be a next time, I plan on trying the Soft Serve- Salty Pistachio Caramel.  I'm salivating at the thought!

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