{sms} chocolate malted layer cake

This week's SMS recipe, chosen by Nicole of Sweet Tooth, is Chocolate Malted Layer Cake.  I was excited about this cake, because I love malted milk shakes and I have never incorporated malt flavoring into baking.  I first was introduced to that idea through Baked, a cookbook which I love but have yet to feature in this blog. The malt flavor here, however, is only in the icing, not the cake. 

There's quite a bit of chocolate involved- 6 oz. unsweetened, 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder for the cake, and then a pound of milk chocolate for the frosting.

I used the dregs of the Ghiradelli cocoa powder canister, which was not enough.  Out came the Valrhona.  Can you guess which one is which?

I was forewarned the batter would be "loose."  THAT it was.

The frosting was quite runny as well, though nothing that a spell in the refrigerator couldn't fix.

A trim,

a frost,

and accessorized with a few Whoppers and candles... Happy Birthday Cake!  The cake was wonderfully moist and the malted frosting different and delicious.

What to do with all the trimmings?  I was inspired, for once, NOT to eat it all, and instead make these little cakes.

The Sweet Daughter, upon seeing the cute cakes, declared, "Genius!"  I was personally thinking "Frugal!" but her comment made me smile nevertheless.


  1. Beautiful! I know I was surprised just how loose the frosting was!

  2. Welcome to SMS! Your cake is gorgeous!

  3. Did you present this cake to the husband?:) It looks delicious!!

  4. The frosting coming out the sides of your cake looks so good! Nice! Im glad you liked this recipe.
    Welcome to SMS, I look fwd to baking with you and sharing tips and ideas!

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm very excited to be baking with you all at SMS.

    @simple girl- no, The Husband got nothing and I'll have to tell you about that fiasco in an email. Funny that you would say that as the subject just came up
    this morning.

  6. Oooo! That looks fabulous!! I didn't get to make this over the weekend, but may have to try and work it in this week. :)

  7. I love the little cakes at the end!! So cute! And all that chocolate...yum. You did a great job with the recipe! And WELCOME to SMS!!! So glad to have you in the group.

  8. Looks fab! I love the little cakes and the big cake!

  9. Beautiful birthday cake! Great idea for the cake trimmings! They turned out so cute.

  10. Excellent job on the cake! I'm so impressed you turned the trimmings into mini cakes. I couldn't resist eating them!

    Welcome to the group! It's a lot of fun!

  11. Welcome to the group - I think you'll enjoy it!! We're still pretty small as groups go and very friendly :)

    Your cake is so pretty! I went with cupcakes to avoid having to decorate a layer cake. Love your idea to make little cakes with the trimmings - I'd definitely have eaten them.


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