sugar fix

On Father's Day, we were in Manhattan for BBQ.  We got our rock star parking right in front of RUB on 23rd, a good 30 minutes before they opened, so I had to, just had to drag the family a couple avenues over and a few blocks down to visit the newly opened Limelight Marketplace.

If the name sounds vaguely familiar, it might be because the Marketplace is located in the same space that once housed Limelight, the nightclub, ... a church.  At the corner of 20th and 6th.

On the first and only floor we were able to visit, there are numerous tiny boutiques of everything edible. All beautiful, all wonderful.

The MarieBelle Cart has a wonderful assortment of its signature gorgeous chocolates.

Around the corner from there are quite a few amazing bake shops.

The Little Candy Cake Company sells
 "artful little solid chocolate celebration candy cake favors."

All the cakes and cupcakes at Butterfly Bakeshop 
have buttercream frosting adorned by a fondant butterfly.
Beautiful AND cute.

My favorite find was Mari's Signature Treats.

I didn't look twice at the Bacon Brownie.  I did, however, buy two teeny tiny brownies for 2.50/each.
After sampling one, I couldn't help it; I was totally taken by the flavor, heat.
The brownie started off with a hint of cinnamon and ended with a warm, spicy finish.
Literally, warmth pervades the mouth.
(I must figure out how to make them.)

The Kids' favorite find was It's Sugar.  The tiny store was filled to the rim with a lot of candy
and cute merchandise. It is also where they got their

 Sugar Fix!


  1. What a great littlr place! I want to go next time I'm in NY!! Looks adorable from your pics!

  2. Thanks for letting us go shopping with you...vicariously of course.

    Love that satin bow! And the brownies...yum, yum!

    I've been to BAKED in Brooklyn, NY and had their sweet & salty brownie. Eye rolling good!

    They have a cookbook you might like called BAKED.

    Happy Saturday!



  3. beth- next time we're out west, we'll visit dynamo.

    stephanie- thank you. nyc really is the best for good eats.

    carmen- yes i've been to baked too and have their cookbook (i like the pumpkin whoopie pie recipe.) i LOVE their sweet and salty brownie and want to figure that one out. actually met matt and renato at a function and sampled their cookies then.

  4. they did a great job with the limelight market

  5. Rebecca -- I'm so awed by your baking and your blog. You're amazing! I'm also so glad that Beth is there to sous chef/sample with you. Have fun with her and with adorable baby Lukas! (almost not a baby anymore!)

  6. Thanks for sharing about your trip to the Limelight Marketplace. Your photos are fantastic. The brownie blurb made me think about the spiced chocolate donut at Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco. http://www.dynamodonut.com/our_donuts.html I didn't get to try that one, but had the delicious maple glazed apple donut.


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