{sms} chocolate walnut brownies

I just made a batch of brownies earlier this week and just finished eating them yesterday. I was brownied-out and didn't think I would be making the recipe, but The Daughter decided that she wanted to bring some cookies to her soccer team this morning, so we collaborated.

I felt as though the dough was on the greasy side. When it baked up, the butter was bubbling, and therefore created an extra crispy, craggy crust. (I never thought I'd say there was too much butter!)  The Kids were not that fond of the crispiness, but they, being nut-haters, sure loved the substituted chocolate chips.

All in all, not my favorite brownie recipe, but I'd try it again to double check. ☺ 

Thanks to Tiffany of A Spoonful of Laughter for choosing the recipe.  And be sure to see the results of all the bakers who tried it out this week!


  1. Rebecca,

    You're such a great mom! Photos look good.

    If you like fudgelike brownies, BAKED in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY makes great brownies. They have a Sweet & Salty Brownie with Caramel filling that is to die for.

    Here's a photo of the brownie I bought.

    I'll be doing a post in August making their brownies...stay tuned.

    They have a book called BAKED-New Frontiers in Baking. (authors Matt Lewis and Renato Polifito)


  2. I would have liked chocolate chips better but that is preference and has nothing to do with this recipe. I love chocolate and want nothing to get in the way.

    Yours look delicious.

  3. Rebecca, I felt the same way about the butter content. I think 1 1/2 sticks would do just fine. The addition of chocolate chips is a great idea. I was looking for a deeper chocolate flavor with my brownies. I will give these another shot though, everyone on the P&Q had such good feedback.

    Glad you were able to squeeze in 2 brownie recipes in one week. There are worse problems to have. ;)

  4. Your brownies look amazing but then so does your entire blog. This is my first visit here, so I spent some time reading your earlier posts. I'm so glad I did. I love your recipes and will be back often. As an aside, let me say your nephew is a gorgeous child. He'd steal anyone's heart. I hope the day treats you well. Blessings...Mary

  5. The brownies look great. I didn't bake along this week because I made a similar brownie recipe last week. After trying several brownie recipes that use a lot of butter I have decided they are not my fave.

  6. Lovely brownies! Can't go wrong with chocolate chips!

    Katie xox

  7. I thought these needed more chocolate flavor so adding chocolate chips is a great idea! Sorry they didn't thrill you and the family! They weren't a favorite here, either, so I probably won't repeat.

  8. Great idea to add the chocolate chips. These weren't chocolatey enough for me either.

  9. Your brownies look delicious and I love your chocolate chip substitution! Kids can be finicky at times and you still made the brownies to suit, great job!

  10. The crust on my little bites was a little crunchy too, but a lot of it broke off while getting them out of the pan. I never thought about chocolate chips though... great idea as my family is not among the nut lovers either =)

  11. Your pictures look great even if these weren't your favorite. I like the idea of adding in some chocolate chips.

  12. Ooh, look at those nice chunky brownies, yum! Adding chocolate chips was a good call, I added an extra two ounces. I agree that a half pound of butter was a lot for a nine-inch pan, but all my tasters loved the brownies.

  13. These look amazing. I only half the recipe so that was better [butterwise]


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