father's day feast

For Father's Day lunch, the DH vacillated between going to Katz's Deli and RUB BBQ. I tried persuading him to set foot in Brooklyn for Fette Sau (the #1 rated BBQ in NYC), but he had no interest in fighting potential traffic in and out, over bridge and tunnel.

The Husband chose Righteous Urban Barbecue, purely to eat the Burnt Ends.

You ask, what is a burnt end? I wondered that too and imagined some carcinogenic charred piece of meat, which it isn't... exactly. The definition of Burnt Ends, for the barbecue newbie like me, is the trimmings of the brisket which fall off when slicing. Apparently, they are usually crispy, tough and dry. RUB's was none of the above.

The meat had good char and was both tender and moist. Melt in your mouth good. It also came with a layer of fat (it reminded me of pork belly fat,) which I nibbled on, just a bit.

The rest of the menu included—

St. Louis and Babyback Ribs,
Pastrami, Pulled Pork, and to top off all that meat,

Chili Cheese Fries,
which were greasy-yummy, cheesy (obviously),
with the added surprise of brisket in the chili- fantastic.

We are already planning when we can next visit again, because we surely will.

Recommended dishes: Burnt Ends, Pulled Pork, St. Louis Ribs, Baked Beans. (I loved the fries, but you can't mind the grease.)


  1. hmm, that's a tough choice -- i think i would have gone with Katz's. As it ended up for me, i went with dim sum in Chinatown... very enjoyable.

  2. Yes, the choice was difficult. The DH hasn't been to Katz's in decades. I have never been. What do you get when there?

  3. Burnt ends are my favorite. I grew up in Kansas City where BBQ is a staple. Looks delicious.

  4. Never made it back to RUB for the burnt ends, but your pictures make me sad I didn't!


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