my new favorite compost cookie...

Introducing: The RoloRoldGold Cookie

Well, the name might be too much of a mouthful.  The mouthful of textural interest, however, is superb. This cookie is a magnificent combination of the best two textures, crunchy and chewy, or perhaps, should I say, crunchewy?

I blogged about a similar cookie in March, but it was littered with too many mix-ins.
Having just the chocolate-covered caramels and pretzels creates a perfect marriage of 
crisp, toothsome, sweet and salty pleasure.

Klondike seems to think so too.  

Can you see where the caramel has melted down and become toffeefied?  Delicious.
Or, as Cookie Monster would say, "Om, nom, nom, nom!!"
So go, nay, RUN to your closest store and pick up some Rolos and pretzels. Use the batter of your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and sub out the predictable chips for this winning combination.

Because the Rolos are on the sweet side, I cut back a bit on the sugar in the batter.  I 
couldn't bake it all the first day, so some batter rested 24 hours in refrigerator.  
Alas, the pretzels lost their crunchy integrity!  No resting next time!


  1. Did you invent these? They look awesome!

  2. Can you make these for my birthday?

  3. I can make them for you today! Should I liquify it?


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