popsicle time

Inspired by posts by Simple Girl (The College BFF and Woman Extraordinaire) and justcooknyc,  I have set my mind on making ice pops for The Son today, which his last day of school.  It's a scorcher here in NJ, with an estimated high of 92º. I'd better hurry up, as there is just an hour to see if I have all the ingredients and then make the mad dash to ShopRite to get whatever I inevitably don't have.

Yeah, I don't have the main ingredient, fruit juice.

I did find some lemons languishing in the refrigerator...

They have seriously seen better days.

 I do have one set of popsicle molds.

and Ice Kabobs too.

The lemons appear fine on the inside, 

so I'm making lemonade
(whose ratio of lemon juice:sugar:water is 1:1:6)

and mixing it with vanilla yogurt and fresh strawberries.
Lemony foods on a hot day are particularly appealing.
Hope The Kid agrees.

The last problem is where to put the molds, as my freezer is basically always jam-packed.

Oh yes, next to the frozen Sunkist Fruit Gems.
(You should try them, they're really quite refreshing.)

If you'd like more popsicle inspiration, take a look at La Newyorkina.  She can be found at the Hester Street Fair, which I hope to visit sometime this summer.


  1. I love the super fun popsicle and ice kabob molds! Will you share your resource? These should definitely keep The Kids cool!

  2. Made by Fred-

    They have a nice selection here-


  3. thanks so much for the mention!


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