a "me" day- part II

... this is a continuation from the previous post...

Third stop: Billy's Bakery

Billy's is a happy place. The yellow and green colors are reminiscent of another era.

Freshly laundered t-shirts for sale

Who can resist these cupcakes? Not I...

Chocolate chip cookies

Icebox cake with whipped cream and Famous chocolate wafers
(My picture was blurry, I was so giddy with excitement.
This photo is courtesy of Billy's Bakery website.)

Fourth stop: Cupcake Café

These have always been my absolutely favorite cupcakes in NYC. The cake is dense and moist. (In my experience, the small ones are sometimes dry, so I buy the large cupcakes.) The buttercream frosting is not only tasty and buttery, but also beautiful to behold.

The proverbial icing on the cake of my "me" day was a celebrity sighting at dinnertime. I thought it only fitting that on this day of sumptuous baked goodies, I spotted Dorie Greenspan, eating at the same restaurant as I! (If you're curious, the restaurant was Pure Thai Shophouse.)

Dorie's short, cropped hair and eyeglasses are distinctive.
photo courtesy of Google images

Dorie is a food writer, baker extraodinaire, and cookbook author; with my baking group, I am baking through her tome, Baking: From My Home to Yours. She was tucked into a corner of the restaurant, so I didn't want to bother her to get a photo of the two of us... I later sent her an email through facebook, to which she graciously responded how lovely it would have been to meet me...

It was the perfect ending to a perfect, sweet and delicious day.


  1. What a fun celebrity sighting! Sounds like you had a delicious day! Wish I could have been there to share it with you!


  2. P.S. And How is baker extraordinaire Dorie Greenspan thin?

  3. Green with envy !
    And I would so love some of that icebox cake right now ;-)


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