crème brûlée {bwd}

I have high blood pressure. And it's not because The DH and I just argued. My mom had it, I do, too, and so I'm on a mix of meds which have been helping. The million dollar question is this: Do I really want to be taking medication for the next forty years of my life?

The California Girlfriend (now Southern Belle) advised me to give up wheat.

Cough. What? Wheat? You're kidding me. My first thought was what would happen to my blog? My baking? No cookies? No cakes?

I am still figuring out when and if I can do the no-wheat-thing for a month, but if I do, I will definitely be eating this when I want a decadent dessert. (Let's not consider what happens with the cholesterol numbers.)

Creamy, smooth, crunchy, caramelized. I love taking the spoon and cracking the brûlée top. I love the interplay of textures—warm, hard crust atop the cold, soft cream. I love minimal effort for maximum impact. This is a dessert that delivers.

The egg yolk-sugar-vanilla extract mixture.

Pour the warmed heavy cream/whole milk into egg yolks.

No water bath for this recipe, but it does take a long time to bake.
At 200ºF, it's at least 1 hour 20 minutes.

For the topping, use 1 tablespoon of sugar per ramekin.

Torch away!

The Nephew enjoyed every last crackalackin' bite.

The Baking with Dorie group baked this recipe this week, and you can find Dorie's recipe at Grapefruit's site, Needful Things


  1. The Nephew just keeps getting cuter and cuter! (If that's even possible!) One year ago I gave up wheat, dairy, sugar, soy and eggs for a month. It wasn't pretty. My family stayed far, far away.

  2. did it help? the dietary changes?

  3. This does look decadent. I don't think I'd need any wheat if I could have this! I'm so sorry that I won't be participating with BWD anymore. I look forward to following the recipes, though, and seeing what everyone else comes up with!

  4. I've never given up wheat and I really don't know if I could. But then again, I wouldn't have thought I could give up dairy, but I did - along with soy, peanuts, tree nuts and seeds, for the 16 months I was nursing Isaac because he was protein intolerant. It's funny what you think when you're deprived (of cheese and cream and butter and milk...): at least I can still eat wheat. So I hope it doesn't come to that for you, although I know there are some really good gluten-free recipes these days...

  5. Your dessert is beautiful. I love those photos.

    I bake everything without wheat. It is easy to sub and we think the baked goods are delicious but maybe, we are used to them. I serve them to company and they get eaten.

  6. Giving up wheat would be tough! I am not sure how I would handle that if I had to.
    Your brulée looks perfect & I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was pleasantly surprised when toddler asked me for a second helping - I'd never imagined the kids would enjoy a 'grown-up' dessert such as this.

  7. Thanks, Uzma. It's amazing what little kids will eat, if you just expose them to it. My little nephew was enjoying some seaweed just yesterday.

  8. Thanks, Chaya, for the words of encouragement!

  9. That's tough- does Isaac have any more food intolerances? I think it's fascinating that our bodies are constantly in flux- the worst, I think, is the middle-age metabolism drop. I'm not a runner like you, and my activity of choice this past year was baking...

  10. so sorry that you're not baking with us anymore. we'll stay in touch though. loved your apple tart.

  11. Aww, that wud be lousy :-(

    Ur brulee looks so perfect and creamy , i now realize mine wasnt as good , i must try this again and not whisk too much and since mine baked in under 30mins i need to kepp an eye too :-)

    Ur little nephew is sooo cute :-) m sure he totally would want this dessert often too!

  12. Well, yum. That looks just terrific. Everything good in one bowl. Come over and see us. We have a wonderful Southern favorite today.

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