{bwd} brown sugar bundt cake

The book that started my whole blogging adventure— Baking: From My Home to Yours  by Dorie Greenspan— is finally making its debut here.  I have never featured a Dorie Greenspan recipe, because although I created the blog to join the Tuesday with Dorie baking club, I JUST missed out... they closed their doors to new members right when I applied.

This group, Baking With Dorie, was founded by two bakers who similarly wanted to join but couldn't. We will post twice monthly, which is a perfect pace. I just told The Family that I needed to cut back on sweets, but now I'm eating my words and eating this cake! The recipe can be found on Chaya's Comfy Cook Blog.

I was pretty sure I would like The Brown Sugar Bundt Cake recipe, as it included nut flour, butter and buttermilk.  It called for pears and prunes too, which was too autumnal for me.  Instead, I substituted 1 cup toasted, chopped almonds and used almond flour as the nut flour of choice.

Lots of brown sugar.

Almond flour adds interesting flavor.

Toasted, chopped almonds.
A word about the bundt cake. I tend to avoid bundt recipes, because my cakes inevitably stick to the pan. This time, I carefully and thoroughly buttered and flour the pan, reaching every nook and cranny, and

still, there were issues.

I was wrong about liking the cake; I LOVE it.  Even in its broken and uncooperative form.  The buttery, almond flavored cake has a beautiful texture, slightly dense and moist.  It feels more like a breakfast or tea cake than a dessert cake, but any time of day, it's delicious cake. 


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  2. I am glad you liked the bundt cake. I have found that certain pans release the cake more easily. I have one that may as well go, in the garbage, considering, it eats my baked goods.

    The pan, I used for this bun, is easy to get cake out of it.

    Welcome to Baking with Dorie

  3. Your cake looks delicious! I agree it's a great any time of day cake...you could totally eat it for breakfast (or is that just my justification for what will likely happen tomorrow morning...). Welcome to the BWD group!

  4. We ate it for breakfast too. But I agree, it was good any time of day!

    I think the almond flour sounds wonderful. I'll have to try that next time.

  5. You know what, my cakes also invariably always stick to the pan when I'm baking a bundt.
    Your sliced cake looks wonderfully moist - would you believe I still haven't eaten the one I baked and I don't know how I could stand this long wait, looking at all your creations!
    Thanks for baking with us this week - welcome to BWD!

  6. good choice with the almonds.. I used some too in my cake. yours look yummylicious!

    I'm sorry you had issues with the bundt pan.. I know how it feels!! anyhow, the pan looks very classic... I can never find that in my side of the world!

  7. Rebecca,

    I have this book. Yet, I've not baked anything from it. I look forward to seeing your recipes. I'd join you, but, since I'm going to school at The French Culinary Institute in September, I don't want to overcommit. Have fun!

    BTW, I use Cake Release by Wilton. Love the product.

    This cake looks delish...with a cup of coffee...delightful!

    p.s. You need to enter comments for posts 6 & 7 for my Cookbook Giveaway. Otherwise, I can't add you in. Commenting ENDS today, 8/17 at 11:59pm.



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