milk chocolate mini-bundt cakes {bwd}

Miniature anything (babies, maltese dogs, dollhouses) draws my attention.

"Aww, so cute!" "Adorable!"

Mini-foods get extra consideration, as I think one of two things, depending on how I'm feeling.

"Great! Portion control!" OR "Fantastic, I can eat more, for less calories!"

Keeping in mind the last bundt attempt, I gave extra-EXTRA attention to the greasing of the pans. These are silicone, so I am hopeful. Using a heavy finger, I doused the bundtlet pan with cooking spray.

I must keep that technique in mind, as they turned out of the pan perfectly.

The recipe asked for the milk chocolate to be melted and cooled, which apparently occurred previous to my purchasing it. I spent more time picking out the bits of foil than melting it.

The last issue I had was with the glaze. I used 2 ounces of the remainder milk chocolate, heated it in the microwave as directed, added the corn syrup, and ended up with a gloppy, stubborn mess. I didn't have the time to research why it was a fiasco, nor did I have time to try a different (perhaps better quality?) chocolate.

After reheating it several times, I managed to glaze one cake. The others got the tried-and-true, foolproof method of

Powdered Sugar Dusting.

The cake itself is wonderfully moist, delicately flavored with chocolate. If you like a strong chocolate punch, use semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate instead. I would definitely make the cake again, as the effort is little and the result is delicious. (I omitted the swirl to further simplify the cake. The Kids and Calvin Klein share a similar aesthetic—minimal is best.)

You can find the recipe at Jen's blog, The Rookie Baker. Try it, you'll love it. Dorie's cookbook and website are fabulous too.


  1. Your bundts are cute!
    The glaze didn't work for me either - it was like a big blob that wouldn't spread out smooth no matter what I did :(
    So I've gone the powdered sugar route as well.

  2. I made mine a while ago with the TWD but I had written how easy the glaze was. I did not use milk chocolate. That must be the reason. It worked like a dream, according to what I wrote.

    I don't bake dairy except for a few items. Will explain, at another time.

    I want to try these in my new mini bundts which are the real stunners.

    Your glazed one looks fabulous. No one would know, you had issues, with it. The powdered looks equally as appealing and saves on calories.

    I am sorry about the problem with the glaze.

  3. They turned out so sweet! I agree, mini anything is just too cute!

    I had read about the glaze not working and made a different one. Mine tasted very chocolate with the thick glaze I used. So good!

  4. Nice of them to melt the chocolate for you, huh? And the EXACT same thing happened to my glaze when I made these (and I've previously ranted about silicone not being nonstick so I feel your pain). Still, your mini-bundts look fantastic!

  5. They look fantastic! I opted out of the glaze and used ice cream and strawberries...YUM! Thanks for baking with me!!

  6. Your mini bundt looks great! Sorry you trouble with the chocolate. Thank you for the tips on the chocolate chip cookies. I have seen other bloggers write about the NYT cookie as well as the Cook's Illustrated. I'm going to have to give them a try! It's a tough job, searching for "the one"!

  7. Bravo on getting the minis out of the pan!! :) I, on the other hand, had issues with them and my pan wasn't even silicone! bummer!!

    anyhows, am glad you like this cake... I may just try it one more time using bittersweet choc as you suggested. I found this cake to be too mild (chocolate-wise) for my liking.

  8. Where did you get your silicone mini bundt pans? Williams-Sonoma doesn't carry them--Mia

  9. Crate and Barrel carried them a few years ago.


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