a seafood sunday

The remaining summer weekends are booked up, so our last free Sunday was spent in lower Manhattan, checking out a few places.  The one common denominator- tiny storefront/limited seating. We started eating at 11 AM, so fortunately there were no lines and plenty of room for the four of us.

First stop
Luke's Lobster (seven stools)

I had eaten a sandwich at the Hester Street Fair and wanted to go back with The Husband, as the Lobster Roll is one of his favorite foods. 

We got the Taste of Maine: Small Lobster, Crab, Shrimp rolls and two Empress Claws. FABULOUS. (The Kids ate the chips and drank soda, as they haven't yet developed a love for seafood.  So glad we didn't have to share with them!)

Second stop (just around the corner)—

Pommes Frites (two booths and three stools)

Now Fries, they'll eat.  Freshly fried Belgian fries- not dry, albeit a bit thick for my taste.  We should have asked for them a bit more well-done.  Great dipping sauces, though I could have sworn I saw a huge commercial jug and so don't know which sauce is actually Home Made.  

Salting the fries

Sampling the sauces— 
garlic mayo, honey mustard, parmesan peppercorn, mango chutney mayo

Served in a paper cone 

The table we sat at had holes in which to insert the cones.  Is this how they do it Belgium?

And why shouldn't we further stuff ourselves we asked as we approached the third stop

A Salt and Battery (seven stools)

The Youngest Brother had been talking about this place on Friday and we, loving all things fried, finished off our eating tour with some good 'ole fish and chips.

The Son and The Daughter liked the Haddock, The Husband like the Pollock,

and I loved the Giant Battered Banger- particularly delicious, perfectly fried.
Anyone know where I can get the sausage to fry it up myself?

Alas, we had no room left to order the steak and kidney pie or the deep fried candy bars... (Their "for a limited time" Deep-fried Cadbury Crème Egg didn't make it to the board, but seemed particularly intriguing.)

Our trip to Maine, Belgium and England via Lower Manhattan was a blast.


  1. OK, I totally love the idea of a family food field trip! My family of six would have filled the entire shops! Congrats on a fun adventure!

  2. Pommes Frites and S&B were on throwdowns with Bobby Flay...almost sure of it.

    Seafood Sunday should be EVERY Sunday, right!!

    Nice family time...


  3. Thanks SG- you'll have to post on your food field trip! Atlanta has got fantastic places to explore.

    Carmen- I'll check out those episodes! Your giveaway is fun!


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