thumbprint cookies {bwd}

I have sweet memories of my mom making Thumbprint Cookies with us when we were children. She would fill them raspberry and apricot jams after we jammed our thumbs into the dough. Having no recollection of what her recipe was, I looked forward to trying Dorie's and also seeing all the other bakers' cookies. I previously made one with almond paste, but otherwise haven't made a thumbprint in many, many years.

After perusing the recipe, I realized that this isn't a regular thumbprint. This is a pb&j thumbprint cookie. I then thought, "Why not double the peanut butter pleasure?"

So, I topped some with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. If you're not in a jammy mood, you could also top it with a Hershey's Kiss.

Both are wonderful. I particularly love the added crunchiness of the finely chopped peanuts. It is so worth the extra effort. I didn't want to spend the extra time rolling in egg white and then peanuts, but I am glad I did. (Full disclosure: I rolled the first sheet and didn't roll the second, and then after eating one, and then another, am so bummed I got lazy with half the batch.)

The recipe is posted at Grapefruit's site. Thanks, Uzma for a fantastic pick!


  1. Did you use preserves? And topping with Reeses' is such a good idea. I only baked up half my cookie dough yesterday, so I might have to make another batch today & top it with chocolate. Love your top photo! Thanks for baking with us this week!

  2. Double dose of peanut butter?? I like!! Your chopped peanuts looks crunchy and roasted to perfection!

  3. Uzma, the jam I used was the jumbleberry jam that I made a few weeks ago. Tell me how you like it with chocolate- you can't go wrong with that!

  4. Hearty looking cookies. All I need is a cold glass of milk and one of those gorgeous looking cookies!


  5. I am sorry, it took so long to get here. I did miss a gem of a cookie. I love the chocolate you filled some of them with.

    These are fabulous cookies.


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