spiderrific cupcakes

This week has been filled with visions of pumpkins, spiders, skulls and All-Things-Halloween.  For his class party, The Son specifically requested spider cupcakes.  We scrolled many, many images on Google and found The Perfect Spider on M&M's website.

All you need are chocolate cupcakes, chocolate frosting, jimmies, runts, marshmallows and black licorice laces, which, by the way, are sticky and fragile, (don't pull them to stretch the legs out!) but do the job fantastically.

For this adventure, much of the fun is getting to the destination.  The Kids had a grand time giving each spider a personality and facial feature.  I believe the sad faces had something to do with short, amputated legs.  Guess who was manning that station?

Spider Cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes
chocolate frosting
chocolate jimmies
48 black or red licorice laces or 12 pinwheels
runts, m&ms, or skittles

Reserve 2 tablespoons frosting in a separate bowl.  Frost each cupcake.  Coat the tops with chocolate jimmies.

Cut each lace into 4 equal pieces (or unroll the pinwheel and cut into eight equal pieces. Then carefully separate the laces.)  Using a toothpick and leaving enough room in the front for the marshmallow eyes, create four holes on each side of each cupcake.  Insert a lace into each hole.

Cut a marshmallow in half.  Using the reserved frosting, attach the two marshmallow pieces to the cupcake.  Dot a candy with frosting and attach it to the marshmallow. Dot another candy and attach as mouth.

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  1. Thanks SG. She took me 15 minutes. I probably should have used tweezers. I stopped after the second one.

  2. I can't wait to see the other goodies you are making for Halloween!

  3. They're a cross between Miss Spider (children's book and TV series) and the South Park characters! (Neither comparisons are meant to be offensive. Who knew the combo would turn out so adorable?)

  4. I love how each little spider has it's own personality. So cute.

  5. CapturedFootprintsOctober 11, 2011 at 8:42 AM

    I love these! Very creative!! I will have to try to make these with my niece and nephew.


  6. thanks- yes, that was half the fun of it- figuring out how to differentiate between individual cupcakes!

  7. I remember Miss Spider! These are super cute, kids would love them! Thanks for linking up, you've been featured on The Kurtz Corner FB fan page! Go check it out! https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Kurtz-Corner/218297661553809

  8. I Love your recipe! These are so cute! Would you come over to Cast Party Wednesday tomorrow and share your tasty recipe with us?
    I hope to see you there!

  9. These are great party treats! So Cute! Would you like to share them at my party?

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny hop Party!

  10. Wow, those look great. I hope you will link this up to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party.


  11. Too funny! These are friendly little guys aren't they? I love the heart shaped cinnamon hots.

  12. This is awesome..Love it..So much creativity lives here..Officially following ya with smiles..I would love for you to link/share to my Pinspiration thursdays linky party happening now pweease..(I see soo much I'm loving) TY. http://theartsygirlconnection.blogspot.com/2011/10/pininspirational-thursdayspin-it.html

  13. I love the different colors! And it's so easy a kid could help.

  14. This is SO fun! What a creative little cupcake. :) Thanks for sharing at Show & Share, I really appreciate the support each week!

  15. Congrats! :-) These are super cute!!

  16. these are fabulous and I'm going to feature them tomorrow on my blog. www.trilogyedibles.com


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