pumpkin bread pudding {sms}

If are an {sms} baker, you will have noticed the omission of the caramel rum sauce in the title... because I ran out of time to make it.

Believe you me, I love rum and I love caramel, and I SO wish I had the time. This bottle has already been used twice this week in other recipes, which is twice more than in the past five years. Odd how that happens.

On to the bread pudding. I accidentally plopped the whole 15 oz. can into the eggs, but was fortunate enough to scoop out maybe 1/2 cup. Oh well. I think that I could have left it in and it wouldn't have made a difference. The more pumpkin, the better!

Anything with 4 cups of heavy cream/whole milk is bound to be delicious, and this dessert delivers. I substituted challah for brioche, as it was more readily available. I like Sweet Melissa Baking Book because Melissa adds a certain something to her recipes to make them special. In this case, it's the cinnamon sugar, which coats the top of the bread pudding and adds flavor and crunch to an already fantastic dish. And I haven't even tried the caramel rum sauce!

Thanks to Carmen of Baking is My Zen for choosing such a delectable recipe. You can check her dessert out and see all the other bakers too, at Sweet Melissa Sundays.


  1. Your pictures are lovely and the pudding looks great! I couldn't find pumpkin, so made do (ha!) with chocolate and cherries instead.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I agree with you - the more pumpkin the better!

  3. Wow your bread pudding looks fantastic! Im glad you enjoyed the recipe! I made mine into mini ramkeins!

  4. Rebecca,

    Thanks for baking with me this week and your kind words!

    When you can, try the rum sauce...I knew the moment I tasted it, it was a keeper.


  5. I used the whole can of pumpkin as well because in my opinion you can never have too much pumpkin! Yours looks delicious!

  6. I love your picture with the whipped cream. I didn't have any leftover after the recipe and I was really wishing for some to top the whole thing off. And I agree with you, the more pumpkin the better!

  7. Your bread pudding looks fantastic! I love your photos. Looking forward to trying out this recipe.

  8. Your slice of the bread pudding looks so good!! I love pumpkin but I'm not a big fan of bread pudding so I did a rewind this week but all of the rave reviews have me thinking I might give it a go this fall.

  9. Looks great! even without the sauce!


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