mother's day pastry bonanza

Mother's Day breakfast came one day early.  The Husband must have read my earlier post in which I bemoaned not getting to the 4th B.  He drove up to Englewood, where Balthazar Bakery has their baking center and a retail store.  He came back with enough breakfast pastries to feed a family of ten- croissants, pain au chocolat, schnecken, almond croissant, chausson aux fruits, AND my new favorite, cannelés.

The Sister first introduced me to the cannelé a few years ago.
She brought some over from California for me to sample. 

 They are made in individual molds, traditionally lined with beeswax.

The cake is made with eggs, butter, sugar, milk, flour, vanilla and rum, and when baked properly, has a custard, slightly chewy interior with a dark, caramelized crust.  These, when toasted up, were delicious. (The DH called ahead and special-requested this items as they're not usually out at 8 AM.  He's The Best!)

If you don't have a pâtisserie making cannelés close by, Trader Joe's sells them in their freezer/dessert section.  Though not quite the same as a fresh one, they're worth trying out!


  1. Way to go, DH! Although I knew he was the one when he proposed with a buttermilk doughnut! :)

  2. I am astounded that you actually remember that!


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