brown butter maple pecan pie {sms}

First of all, don't laugh at my miniscule slice of pie.  I had to steal the piece from the now-not-so-whole pie, which was part of a music meeting's refreshments.

I was excited to bake the pecan pie, though I was initially suspicious of Melissa Murphy's addition of maple and honey— why mess with something that is great?  The variation was subtle and not cloying, in fact, the filling was less sweet (a good thing) than what I am used to.  I love the idea of browning the butter, which adds a depth of flavor to the filling. (I learned that step from The Pastor's Wife two years ago.)  

You can find the recipe on Jennifer's blog, Oh, Sweet Day.  Thanks, Jennifer, for picking such a great recipe! (The original recipe calls for chocolate chips- I omitted the chocolate.)


  1. Hey, this was great pie so that slice above would go a long way. This looks delicious. And I agree, the flavor was beautifully understated - now my go to pecan pie recipe.

  2. Your plate is so pretty, I love it! Glad this pie was a hit for you. I made a slightly different recipe this week, but hope to try the one in the book soon.

  3. make it for the next family gathering, says your older brother!

  4. Love the slice and love the plate! :) Nice job!

  5. Beautiful! I laughed when I read your comment about trying to save a piece for photographing. I am always trying to do the same.

  6. Your pie looks great! And I'm not laughing at the small slice at all, because I sent the pie to work with my fiance and there was hardly a crumb left - his co-workers LOVED it.

    I didn't know how I'd feel about chocolate in pecan pie until I tried Dorie's pecan pie last year and now I'm convinced it's the way to go.


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