out-of-this-world cupcakes


The Daughter always gets gyped.  Her birthday inevitably falls on the first or second day of school, right after Labor Day.  We have been perennially poor planners, and as a result the parties have been few and far between.  This summer, we got our act together and gathered a few kids to go rock climbing and to sleepover. For her birthday cake, she wanted some Alien Invasion Cupcakes.

I, riddled with Terrible Mom guilt, would definitely execute that request.  With a little help from Hello Cupcake!, we were able to pull off some cute ones. (As an aside, have you ever thumbed through that cookbook? I never imagined one could do so much with Sunkist fruit gems.)

Who knew that just a few ingredients:

cupcakes, frosting, food coloring, doughnut holes, marshmallows, tic tacs, and Twizzlers

could produce such delightful creatures!

After applying a thin layer of frosting to the cake, I stacked a doughnut hole atop a halved marshmallow, applying a little frosting in between the two.  After adding frosting to the cracks,which smoothed out the surfaces, they were put into the freezer for 15 minutes.  Then, I dunked them upside down in frosting that had been heated up for 10 seconds (and was therefore a bit more runny. A one-cup pyrex is perfect for that job.)

Alien Cupcakes

A Very Happy 12th Birthday to My Very Special, Sweet Daughter!


  1. A Happy Birthday from us, too! Super Cute cupcakes! They look very similar in shape to the bowling pin cupcakes I made for The Son's birthday! (Think white frosting and red fruit strips) It's a great book! :-)

  2. Fun! I can't believe The Daughter is 12 already. Time flies.

  3. Happy 12th Birthday to your daughter! The cupcakes are so cool!


  4. Thanks SG. Bowling Pins sound great! I can just imagine cutting those fruit strips... I'm sure yours were fabulous. Email a pic if you have one.

  5. Rene- and to think that you saw her as an itty bitty baby... I'm still thinking about the french pastry you told me about- kouign amann- did you ever try it?

    Carmen- thanks!


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