oreo owl cookies

These owls are a delightful treat to share with neighborhood kids- big AND small. They require no baking and are fun to put together.

You'll have to gather up chocolate sandwich cookies, mini chocolate sandwich cookies, a tub of chocolate frosting, M&Ms, and a plastic piping bag. Whaaat? Only five items? That's great.

We had some Halloween Oreos in the house, ergo the orange filling. Love the festivity!

Prep the piping bag. (You can also use a ziploc bag.) Make an M-cut at the tip. Fill the bag with frosting.

For the eyes and ears, carefully unscrew the minis. Set aside the cream sides for the eyes. Tidy up any extra chocolate cookie crumbs with a paring knife. To make the ears, gently using a sawing motion and keeping the knife parallel to the cutting surface, cut the non-cream side in half.

Using the frosting, attach the ears to the large Oreo, letting half of the ear extend from the head.

Using the frosting, attach the eyes to the head.

Using the piping bag, frost the ears and create the top-of-head-tuft. Funnily- or maybe not so much- The Son asked if the owl had a bat on its head. A bat? Seriously??? I wanted to bonk him over his.

Using frosting, attach the pupils and nose.

The last step is to pipe the feathers by the eyes.

Owl Cookie Treats
inspired by Hello, Cupcake!

one package chocolate sandwich cookies
one box mini chocolate sandwich cookies
tub of chocolate frosting
m&m's candies (if you're looking specifically for brown eyes, buy a large bag.)
piping bag or plastic ziploc bag

Unscrew the mini chocolate sandwich cookies. Separate the cream side from the non-cream side. Set aside the cream side for the eyes.

The non-cream side is the ear base. Using a gentle sawing motion and keeping parallel to the cutting surface, with a serrated knife, cut the non-cream side cookie in half.

Using chocolate frosting as glue, attach the ears to the head, leaving half the cookie overhanging the edge. Attach the eyes- the cream side cookie- to the head.

Using a piping or ziploc bag with an M cut tip, frost the ears and tuft. Using frosting, attach the m&m's - pupils and nose- to the head.

Finish the cookie, pipe the frosting feathers by the outside of the eyes.

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  1. These are so cute and I love the small factor!

  2. These are just the cutest things!!
    Come share and link up with me today!

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    Your Treats are just adorable! Hope you are having a great day and thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen


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