lamb cupcakes

Easter is right around the corner. The Sweet SIL is hosting, and I volunteered for dessert duty.  I need something that can be made the day before, as I and The Sibs will be spending the weekend+ cleaning out my dad's house (which is a long saga, involving multiple dumpsters and countless trips to recycling... let's just say he's a hoarder.) 

I saw these cupcakes and fell in love. They're going to be the kids' dessert, because, you know, they really need more sugar after eating all their jelly beans and chocolate eggs.

  After making cupcakes, you only need a few candy items, which with some frosting, transform your cupcake into a cute little lamb.

I bought black licorice bears from CVS . The best way to create the lamb's head is to take off the bear's head and feet, and then roll out the body (or press with palm) to create the lamb head and ears.

Use a toothpick to create nostrils.

Carefully pipe the eyes and add silver dragées for the pupils.

Create tail by cutting up the licorice.

Use frosting to attach head to cupcake. Even if the kids aren't huge cake fans, you KNOW they'll be eating the marshmallows!

Lamb Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes
Vanilla frosting
Mini marshmallows
Black licorice bears
Black licorice pieces
Silver dragées


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