I like cornbread. I really do. But my baking relationship with cornbread is complicated. We have issues.
The few times I tried the ubiquitous supermarket boxed mix, the muffins were dry. The three times I bought cornmeal and attempted a from-scratch batch, they were no better— too dry, too cornmeally, too gritty, too disappointing. The aftermath included thrown out muffins; forgotten bag of cornmeal with cobwebby crud (found two years later when clearing out the pantry); similar years-old forgotten bag in the bottom corner of the deep freezer, minus the cobwebs.

I was asked by the people at Fleischmann's to try out their cornbread product and happily yet fearfully jumped at the chance. Would I be let down once again? Did I mention that I like cornbread?

I'm glad to say that this is the best batch I've ever made— moist, buttery, flavorful and all around yummy. The texture is slightly fluffy with just a little grit.

It's so simple to make. You just add an egg, milk and melted butter to the mix, stick it in the oven and voila!

 Fresh, delicious cornbread!

Visit their website, Simply Homemade, to see find the store closest to you. There are also other products and recipes to try.

This post is sponsored by Fleischmann's. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author.

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