it's august?!

Holy Cannoli, another month has flown by. Has it whizzed by for you too?

What has gone on this past month? For starters, this Little Guy visited for a good six weeks. He is a true Eng and LOVES his sweets. Here, we are at Palazzone 1960 for a mid-morning snack.

I ate my way through Charleston, (a post is shortly forthcoming)

 took a jaunt to NYC with Two Sibs, stopping at a few eateries, (this, too, is another post,
 and that monstrosity of an ice cream cone is named The Salty Pimp.)

cleaned a few rooms (dad's house, and you don't want a post on this adventure)

and listed my first Craigslist item. Anyone want to buy a Steinway?

How was your July?


  1. Seriously, where did July go?

    Was this Steinway at your dad's house? How much are you asking? Let me know on Monday... :-) We need to start furnishing our living room.

  2. Love your pictures. Thanks for sharing our home with your readers!


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