48 Hours in Boston

We spent 48 hours in Beantown.

Translate that into "how many seafood restaurants can we squeeze in without kids revolting?"

We hit two in as many days (canceling reservations at another) and enjoyed both.

We definitely recommend a stop at Island Creek Oyster Bar for their oyster sliders and their raw Island Creek Oysters. Kettle chips with the Lobster Roll were also delicious. Fried clams were a huge hit with the kids; we had to order a second round, because it never made its way down the adult end of the table!

We LOVED the lobster roll at Neptune Oyster. The huge, juicy pieces of lobster meat were succulent and sweet. Island Creek oysters here were best in show— better than the Wellfleets and Katama Bays—meaty with a butter and brine taste.

Walking along Newbury Street, we had to stop into Sweet, with its beautiful signage and gorgeous cupcakes. Is this red & white buttercream swirl not the best?

The Kids were happy with our dessert stop at Max Brenner, home of all things chocolate. Of particular note are the chocolate syringes with gummi bears. The Novelty. The Fantasy. The Fun!

Who wouldn't love the Munchies Waffle— waffles with scoops of vanilla and dulce de leche ice cream, caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, and a bowl of chocolate crunchy wafer balls to top off all the decadence.

Since it was New Year's Eve, we enjoyed some free outdoor activities. Right outside our hotel was Copley Square which had some ice sculptures. You could see the ice artists working on them. Here is one final product which sat across from its original—

 The gorgeous Trinity Church

Can't wait to get back to Boston for another whirlwind tour!


  1. I am so hungry. and this really didn't help. I want a lobster roll :(

    1. When we got back, the lobsters were on sale for $3.99/lb, but we were too lobstered out to get some more... hope you get your fix someday soon!

  2. The chocolate syringes are hilarious! Those lobster rolls look amazing! I think lobster is about $30/lb in our part of the country! :-(


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