{Heavy sigh} I didn't get as many new cookies baked this December. Days got bogged down with "must-dos" and nights found me comatose in front of the tv. Besides some Apricot Chews (it's a coming soon), and the recently posted Ricciarelli and Cashew Praline cookies, I baked The Family Favorites— Cornflake Crunch Cookies and Pecan Bars.

I did, however, manage to decorate the house a bit. This vignette sits atop the piano. I love how twinkling lights shine and break through the darkness. They bring me to a place of quiet, peace, stillness and contemplation.

During one such moment, I thought about all of you out there. Thank you so much for stopping by, reading, commenting and giving me feedback here at  beurrista,  and I wish you a joyous noel, a happy holiday, and a healthy and tasty new year!


  1. What a lovely photo and thoughts. Quiet, peace and contemplation are a lovely place to be as we reflect the birth of our savior. Your blog continues to inspire me.


    1. Not to make this a lovefest, but you inspire me too- with your creativity, your beautiful photography, and your seemingly unending supply of energy to do all that you do.


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