brrrrr-ownies {bwd}

"Brrrrr" is something I've been saying all weekend, so this is the perfect recipe for the cold weather that just WON'T GO AWAY.

This week's Baking With Dorie pick calls for some chopped up York Peppermint Patties  {can you hear it? ~ when I bite into a York Peppermint Pattie, brrr, I get the sensation of cold crisp mountain air against my face as I race towards lift-off ~} in a brownie batter. Dorie created them for her son, who, like The Daughter, keeps them in the freezer for that extra cold, minty pick-me-up.

I had to take some from her stash (sorry, pumpkin!) leftover from Christmas. I made a minor adjustment of decreasing the amount of candy to 4 ounces, as I wanted a higher dough to candy ratio.

I like using the old-school Corelle (circa 1950?) to microwave the chocolate and butter. It makes the brownie a one-bowl production; the less I wash, the happier I am.

The finished product was pretty sticky and a pain to remove; make sure you generously butter the foil.

Overall, a tasty, fudgy, minty brownie. The Kids (Cousins included!) approved of the deep chocolately flavor. You can use your favorite brownie mix, sub in butter for the vegetable oil, and chop up a cup of peppermint patties to create these brrrrownies. Or if you're in the mood to make them from scratch, you can find the recipe at The Rookie Baker's site. Stop by the other Dorie Bakers to see their brownies too.


  1. So sorry you still have it so cold up there ! :-) All the better for baking, my dear! I'm impressed that the daughter still has such a stash of candy leftover - from Christmas! Such self control!

  2. Sorry you have to bear with endless cold weather! Your brownies look delicious & fudgy. I feel like grabbing one off the plate in the last photo.
    Thanks for baking with us this week!

  3. Just lovely! I made these last week and used the microwave to melt my chips too. I LOVE the one-bowl-ness of it! :)

  4. This endless cold weather is frustrating, isn't it? I know I'm ready for spring! Your brownies look fantastic! Thanks for baking with me :)


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