chocolate chip cupcakes {msc}

The Martha Stewart Cupcakes Club assignment coincides with The Son's class party— perfect!
The Son's teacher apparently has banned candy from being exchanged, but as Class Parent and Party Planner, I get a little leeway, no? I'm going to put a little chocolate ♡ on the cupcake.

I used a heart-shaped cutter and traced it on parchment.
The tracing, a bit large, was a rough guide.

With a little help from Candy Melts and a disposable piping bag, 

I was able to pipe these babies out in a few minutes.

The cake part shouldn't have been difficult. The recipe called for cake flour, which I didn't have on hand, so I *stupidly* subbed in all-purpose. The batter, which called for egg whites (instead of the normal whole eggs,) turned out heavy and thick; I think this cupcake will be more muffin than cake-like. My bad.

The recipe can found at the Baking Sisters site; if you'd like to see all the other beautiful cupcakes, look here!


  1. The chocolate hearts are very cute!!! I am posting mine today! Nice pics too! :)

  2. Love the hearts! Melting chocolate is the best!
    Happy V-day!!!!!!

  3. They look great! I bet the kids loved them. I love the way you did your hearts.

  4. Thanks for baking along! I really love the chocolate hearts and I'm sure none of the kids noticed the flour sub.

  5. I love your toppers! And those oreo truffles...I have to try those too!

  6. Banning candy? What is this world coming to?

    What can I say? Chocolate hearts? Great minds think alike! :-) Your cupcakes look absolutely beautiful and I'm sure the class was thrilled! Thanks for baking! It's always a pleasure to read your baking blog!


  7. Great cupcakes! Oh the texture of MS cupcake recipes. See you next month.

  8. I love the chocolate hearts. I have done that before too - not using cake flour. I always know it isn't going to work, but I do it anyway. Since I am a teacher, I do sort of get the banning candy... the chocolate hearts was a great way around that. I am sure your son's class enjoyed these!


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