apple coconut cake {bwd}

I am so behind the eight ball.  The New Year has ushered in a huge bout of sluggish-itis and I have not joined in on any of my baking clubs' recipes. Until today. Only four days late. My apologies to my Baking With Dorie friends!

My mantra has always been better late than never (my wedding thank-yous were sent out a year after the fact) and in this case, I am supremely glad that I baked this cake. With a splash of rum and a sprinkling of sugar, the humble apple cake takes on a certain je ne sais quoi, which is very appealing. The cake is moist, fragrant, and best of all, easy to make. I took it to a meeting and the tasters raved. The Daughter, a self-proclaimed coconut hater, pronounced it delicious, as do I.  Will you?

For the recipe, please visit Mia's site, Bright Morning Star.


  1. It looks simply perfect! But what else could I expect from such an awesome baker!?

  2. Oh sooo lovely , ur cake looks perfectly , wonderfully moist and soft :-)
    Am missing it now , and sooo muc!
    Thannxx a ton for baking my choice of recipe and happy to meet u thru BWD!
    Am sooo glad ur daughter liked it:-))))
    Happy day!!
    ANd if u pop by my blog pleaseeee vote for me , Bright Morning Star , on the right hand side of the blog , u have have to click to my name thats all:-)

  3. Your cake looks so pretty...I thought this was a really good bake. So easy and fun to serve.

  4. Regardless of the fact that you skipped the glaze - your cake looks lovely. I loved this bake!
    Your might feel a little better about your procrastination over wedding thank-you's once I tell you that almost 8 yrs later, my wedding photos still haven't made it into the album bought for the purpose! ;-)

  5. I love the texture of your cake. I thiink that's how it's supposed to be!! I blame mine on too much apple!! can I get a slice?? :)

  6. I skipped the glaze also. I don't think it needs it.

    Last time, I made this, I did use a delicious glaze and it was also good but I could not say which we enjoyed more.

    That is a beautiful cake.


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