Pierre Herme at Wegman's?

Yes, Wegman's. When the supermarket first opened in NJ, maybe 9 years ago, I read an article about their croissant and brioche.  Pierre Herme, a famous Parisian patissier, was hired to create them for the grocery store.  He insisted on using french butter, which has a higher butterfat content than american butter.  I cannot tell you how excited I was, and I immediately took the 45 minute trip to Bridgewater.  They were heavenly.

Yesterday, The Husband brought some back for me.  I wondered if in this economic climate they are still using imported french butter.  The croissant didn't taste like I remembered it, so I wrote customer service to find out.  I will report back with their response. In the meanwhile, I will savor my Pierre Herme-inspired croissant from good 'ole Wegman's.

We enjoyed a pain au chocolat, croissant and cheese croissant.  The BFF and I demolished the coconut cream danish before the camera came out.


  1. my absolute favorite sandwich place in maryland also makes my favorite cinnamon roll. i asked the owner about this recently and he said he only uses butter. this cinnamon roll beats cinnabon hands down. i will ask him when i go today what kind of butter is in his baked goods - i didn't realize they came with different butterfat content. here is a link to a hot-off-the-press review of the place:


    this will be of interest to you because like your blog's name, the name of this sandwich shop is a melding of french and italian!

  2. MMM, can you get some for next weekend?


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