a day of firsts

The year's first snow day called out for some baking.
For my inaugural post, the Daughter chose meringues, which ironically are made without butter. I bit my tongue and acquiesced to her request.

The Daughter piped out the meringues.

Snowy peaks topped with crushed candy canes.
Crunch, chewy, perfect.


  1. So I have tried baking meringues on a silpat, and the bottom doesn't come off the pat, nor are they as crispy as i'd like it to be. The next time i made them, i used parchment and it came out perfect. have you had that happen?

  2. This was the first time to bake these in a very long time. The oven was 250 and they baked for 40 minutes. We didn't have a problem with taking them off the silpat. Did you bake on a humid day?


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